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Agile Lifescience Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd provides the bottle top dispensers for handling of liquids from a large variety of bottles and flasks,


DispensMate Plus Dispenser
Excellent chemical resistance
Entirely autoclavable at 121℃
Four ranges of bottle top dispenser cover a volume range of 0.5ml to 50ml
Easy to clean and maintain
The optional flexible discharge tube with safety handle permits fast and precise dispensing
Vapor pressure Max. 500mbar, viscosity max. 500mm2/s, temperature max. 40℃, density max. 2.2g/cm3
Adaptor allow fitting to standard reagent bottles
DispensMate plus is supplied with S40,GL32,GL38,GL25,GL28 sized adapters

Ordering information
Cat No. Volume Range Increment A≤± CV≤
% μl % μl
731100010000 0.5-5 0.1 0.5 25 0.1 5
731100020000 1.0-10.0 0.2 0.5 50 0.1 10
731100030000 2.5-25.0 0.5 0.5 125 0.1 25
731100040000 5.0-50.0 1.0 0.5 250 0.1 50

Cat No. Description
17000069 S40,Adapter,45/40mm
17400017 GL32,Adapter,45/32mm
17400018 GL38,Adapter,45/38mm
17400019 GL25,Adapter,32/25mm
17400020 GL28,Adapter,32/28mm
17400037 Reagent Bottle (Brown, 1L)
17400021 Filling tube(m)
17400073 Discharge tube(m)

Principal: Dragon Lab, USA