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Vinyl Glove Box
FLEXIBLE VINYL CHAMBERS These Flexible Glove Boxes are a simple low cost alternative to rigid glove boxes for sealed enviroments that can be purged with any inert gas through the standard Ball Valve and Pressure Relief Valve.
MANY APPLICATIONS In addition to medical laboratory applications, Coy controlled environment glove boxes have found other applications in industry due to their design and economy. These include micro welding, handling of hazardous materials, dry atmosphere, optical and electronic equipment assembly.

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Aluminum Glove Box
Affordable, modular, Aluminum Glove Boxes provide isolation, containment, humidity, temperature,oxygen control, and anaerobic (complete removal of oxygen) atmospheres. These epoxy-coated, aluminum glove boxes are designed to your individual needs by selecting components from numerous interchangeable COY parts and accessories.

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Polymer Glove Box
These glove boxes are an economical way to perform and maintain a wide range of atmospheres and functions, including use as a dry glove box, inert gas (nitrogen) glove box, isolation glove box, anaerobic chambers, oxygen, and humidity control glove boxes. Used with a variety of accessories and available in polycarbonate or UV resistant plastic, this glove box is easy and affordably customized for your needs.

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Containment/Isolation Glove Boxes
This Isolation Glove Box is designed to place an added barrier between you and any suspected contaminants contained within an envelope or package. This containment glove box's hermetically sealed interior and neoprene gloves provide the air tight atmosphere you desire when opening tainted mail, and the neoprene gloves provide the greatest dexterity available while keeping your skin safe from contamination.

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