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Digital 7'' square (hotplate) Magnetic Stirrer
LCD Real-time display: Setting value and actual value can be displayed. Real-time monitoring temperature and speed via LCD display.
Extended application: PC can control and document all measuring values via RS232 interface. Parameter can be set to carry out safety monitoring.

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Analog (Hotplate) Magnetic Stirrer
A traditional magnetic stirrer with modern design Stainless steel plates and with/without hotplate porcelain enamel surface Variable speed of motor Motor with electronic speed control, constant speed even during changes in load High magnetic adhesion, prevent the stirrer bar escape Enclosed assembly(IP42) and external rotor brushless motor guarantees long service time Safe separate circuit, automatically stop to heat when the temperature over 350℃(MS-H-S)

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Digital (Hotplate) Magnetic Stirrer
Magnetic stirrer suitable for unsupervised operation, with new stir technology Automatic judgment stirring bar displacement and capture Easy-to-read backlit LCD display Fuzzy logic control microprocessor technology guarantee maximum control accuracy A.B Mode ensure the stirring function not change due to external factors(MS-Pro) PC control via RS232 interface, the special StirPC software, can realize the setting of instrument parameters on the PC and the display of working curves red-time, and this software can be download free on our website

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10-Channel Analog (Hotplate) Magnetic Stirrer
High performance multi-position magnetic stirrer with 10 stirring position, optimum use of laboratory space Individually controlled stirring for consistency with various samples Step less speed regulation. Wide speed range: 0-1000rpm External rotor brushless motor reduces operating noises and increases motor life Variable speed of motor Electronic speed control motor provides constant speed during changes in load Inner set temperature control panel, uniform temperature distribution(MS-H-S10) Stainless steel plate with silicone films, anti-slip and anti-corrosion

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