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DNA sequences often contaminate reagents, buffers, equipment, tubes and tips commonly used for PCR* reactions, resulting in needless lost time and expense.

For years it has been known that UV light can damage DNA. UV exposure of 30 minutes or less in the Cleanspot PCR Work Station can prevent unwanted amplification of contaminant DNA.


CleanSpot PCR Workstation Technical Specifications
The PCR Workstation is designed to combat the three major contaminant pathways. Reaction preparation and equipment/supply storage is performed in the "clean," enclosed, still air chamber, thus minimizing airborne and supply borne contamination. During reaction preparation, part of the reaction mix is exposed to the UV light, thus decontaminating any fouled reaction components. Since this exposure bathes the chamber and its contents, they are "cleaned" at the same time. By keeping the doors latched, the enclosed chamber and supplies are ready for the next use.

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